Workplace change projects and restructures

Whether it be workforce change or a business sale, we’ll advise on the relevant obligations in respect of redundancy and associated considerations, and provide advice on how to sensibly and respectfully work through the associated people impacts.

Why choose us?

We are experts in workplace change programs. We have experience across a broad range of sectors and can assist your business navigate any change project – be it big or small.

Employee exits

Exiting an employee from a business can be confronting. We understand the challenges associated with employee exits and can guide you on the best approach.

Why choose us?

We understand how disruptive employee issues can be for your business. We’ll help you navigate these issues with the least amount of resistance, saving you time and anxiety by identifying the right path forward.

Workplace reviews

Employers have an obligation to proactively prevent workplace sexual harassment arising at work. We can review existing arrangements and provide a tailored set of recommendations to help eliminate sexual harassment and in turn reduce potential legal risk.

Why choose us?

Our unique capabilities include first-hand experience with the Australian Human Rights Commission and responding to workplace sexual harassment litigation. We are well placed to help your business improve its framework to prevent sexual harassment occurring.

Mediation and investigations

We offer nationally accredited mediation services to guide parties to reach an agreed resolution in workplace conflict situations. We can also independently investigate inappropriate workplace behaviour and provide findings and recommendations.

Why choose us?

We are skilled in facilitative mediation techniques to empower parties to resolve workplace issues on agreeable terms. We have extensive experience conducting workplace investigations across a range of industries and we pride ourselves on our pragmatic and efficient approach.

Employment contracts, people policies and legal governance frameworks

We can assist with preparing, drafting or reviewing employment contracts and people policies. We also have extensive governance experience to assist in designing people governance frameworks to manage legal risk.

Why choose us?

Some people find contracts and policies dull, but we love them! Getting these basics right delivers sound frameworks, putting you in a strong position to manage your legal risk.

Tailored training packages

We offer tailored training for HR managers and people leaders – from employment law fundamentals, to managing restructures and appropriate workplace behaviour.

Why choose us?

We have provided various training and compliance programs as lawyers in private practice and in our capacity in-house. Our training sessions will not only inform you, but they will be deeply practical and, of course, we’ll keep them interesting and relevant.


Contact us to discuss our flexible pricing options, which include the following:

Fixed fee

We appreciate that cost certainty is important to your business. Wherever possible, we will endeavour to agree the scope of the matter with you and provide a fixed fee estimate based on that scope. Types of matters where a fixed fee arrangement may be appropriate include review or preparation of employment contracts or policies and customised training.

Help desk arrangement

We love to speak to our clients regularly and to feel a part of their business. If you anticipate your leaders may require regular support, we would be happy to set up a ‘help desk’ arrangement, giving you access to our team for a defined set of matters. This will provide you with cost certainty and the support you require when you need it.

Hourly rate

Sometimes it can be difficult to anticipate the type of support required for your business or the scope of a particular matter may change. In these instances, and in consultation with you, we will invoice you at an agreed hourly rate.

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